Online document storage

Online storage or even cloud storage are practical and have established themselves quite well in recent years in our digital daily life. From any desktop PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone can be accessed via an online storage via the Internet on his previously stored files. And at any time and virtually anywhere, because to run to the desk and first upload the PC, nowadays no one has to. With the Cloud service online storage space, you can secure yourself 10 GB for free, and as a telecom customer you can even get 25 GB in there. Or you can directly choose a variant that gives you more online storage space, for example 50 GB, 100 GB or even 1000 GB. The last option gives you enough online storage for up to 300,000 high-resolution photos and 160 hours of HD video.

Just upload your vacation photos and send them to friends? With an online storage no problem, because here you can decide for yourself, what you want to share with whom. Simply by link! No need to exchange USB sticks. Or save your favorite music as MP3s centrally in the cloud and listen to it anywhere, anytime, without clogging the smartphone’s memory? Again, the Cloud service offers enough online storage space and fast access.

If you do not want to hoard tens of folders of documents at home, you can of course also do all the bureaucratic things via the cloud, for example by scanning identity documents or other important documents and text files and uploading them to online storage. So you can be completely sure that in case of water damage or fire in the apartment, no important document is lost. If a document is lost while traveling or can not be found, the cloud can be a lifesaver in this case as well! Tip: If you want to be on the safe side, the best way is to encrypt your private data and make sure to use a strong password to access your cloud storage.

Online storage with the Cloud service – extra comfort!

In addition to extra storage space, the Cloud service also offers extra comfort and ease of use. For example with the Cloud service app. It also gives you access to your files on the go, lets you share them with friends on the go, even make them available offline and even without an Internet connection. Thanks to automatic photo backup, your images are always uploaded to the cloud as soon as you’re back in the WLAN.

Cloud service also takes care of the synchronous storage of your files, so that you can always access from every used terminal all documents stored in the online storage that are always on the same level. Sending different versions of the same file back and forth becomes unnecessary and saves you valuable time.

Anyone who has ever lost a smartphone or had to experience a total failure of his laptop knows how painful the loss of beautiful memories or important documents can be. Therefore, it is advisable not only to synchronize its files, but to regularly create a backup of it. Cloud service also lets you do this quickly and easily, either directly on your PC or on your smartphone using the Cloud service app. Whether daily, weekly or just once a month, you set the interval and the cloud does everything else for you.

Unlike many cheap online storage providers, Cloud service always gives you the peace of mind that your data is in a safe. Because here the cloud security is checked regularly. Complex encryption mechanisms such as SSL also ensure that your data is protected against hacker attacks and data theft. In addition, your data will only be stored on servers that are located in Germany and are subject to German law.